Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's not just a job to God

Today I realized just how involved God wants to be in my life. God thinks of ways everyday to bring us to a deeper growth or open our eyes to things we didn't previously see.
Yesterday I was assigned a patient who was waiting on a diagnosis of cancer. I knew she had metastatic cancer, her nurse knew, but she and her family did not. I had no idea what to do with this information and I left so saddened by the situation. This morning I talked to my instructor about this unique situation because I couldn't help but relate it to my own life. My grandmother received her cancer diagnosis while I sat in her hospital room talking to her. I felt the mood of her room change from hope to grief in an instant. The room went from laughter to tears and a heaviness settled over the room. Her life would never be the same.
So I explained to my instructor that I felt God wanted me to have this patient, if only because I know how all of this feels as a family member experiencing it. And this blew my mind..... She said that she had been praying over the assignments and she was going back and forth between two different patients for me. She said she kept feeling God leading her to assign this particular patient to me - the only cancer patient we have had on our floor. Wow, we both got chillbumps.
I don't know why God gave me this patient except that I could bring a certain sensitivity to the situation. I didn't pray for her or anything because she didn't want that, but I was able to show kindness and I hope that was enough.
God is intimately involved in our lives and He wants to show us that every single day. And sometimes we just happen to see it.


  1. That is so true... I see Him at work everyday in my life too... it is my prayer for you Andrea that God will show you many more areas of your life where He wants to get involved...

  2. Wow. What a blessing that you can have open convos with your instructor about God's hand in everyday situations.

  3. Congrats on following your dream ... But I still miss OOE when I'm looking for new music to put on my MP3 player.

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